‘Roo Land

‘Roo Land

Vegemite is not nice to my mouth. But you can eat it if you want.

My 8 weeks of being a hobo have commenced and I am happily in Melbourne, Australia. I’ve been here just under a week and have had heat and sun every day. So far I lounge around drinking really good coffee and walk down to the beach (a few blocks away).  I’ve discovered the South Melbourne Market where I can buy all the great locally grown veg and fruit that I want. Melbourne in general is quite a bit more expensive than Canada but I found one sweet deal at the market…all the fish shops do $1 a shot oysters! Lovely.

January 26th is Australia Day so it’s a national holiday here. Kim (the friend I am staying with) and I will be joining a group of mostly Kiwis for a BBQ. So far I have plans to visit Phillip Islands where we can watch the Australian little penguins swim up from the ocean to head into their sand dune homes and also visit the koalas and Tasmanian Devils. I hope they invite us in for tea.

Have also booked a flight with Kim and two people I just met yesterday for a weekend trip to Tasmania. It’s an island where the Brits used to ship their prisoners way back in the day and make them live and work under terrible conditions. Now we shall visit. If there are any prisoners still there, I hope they invite us in for tea.



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