Koalas and kangaroos, oh my!

Koalas and kangaroos, oh my!

I love my Canadian friends for asking if I have been able to cuddle koalas and kangaroos while in Australia. Well, I can see koalas being cuddly but not so much the ‘roos. They are apparently HUGE pests in Australia and the country has a koala problem. But they’re so cute and…exotic to me. My friend says that Aussies laugh at those of us who want to catch a glimpse of these annoying animals.

I didn’t see them in the wild (where they are said to be easy to find…don’t hit one with your car.) I saw them in a little petting zoo. Cute, yes? Well…imagine how you would laugh at people in Canada for wanting to visit a squirrel and raccoon petting zoo. That’s kind of the equivalent.

Don't bother me. I'm sleeping.

These koalas didn’t care how close I got because it was 35-degrees out and she just wanted to snooze. They sleep about 22 hours a day. Lazy asses.

I look a bit too excited to feed the kangaroos.


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