Italian favourites in Toronto

Italian favourites in Toronto

On July 3oth I went on BT Toronto to talk about some of my favourite foods from my recent trip to Italy with G Adventures and the places in Toronto that give me a taste of Italy. I went on a Local Living trip in Tuscany where I stayed at a beautiful agriturismo (farm house). The farm has been in the same family for generation and the current farmer is also a trained chef who made us four-course Tuscan meals every night. Stefano (the owner of the agriturismo) grows his own olives for olive oil, his own grapes for wine and makes his own cured meats from the hog farm nearby that breeds the heritage Cinta Senese pigs. This breed of pig makes for some of the tastiest prosciutto. Stefano taught us to make some simple and traditional Italian foods during a hands-on cooking class, and taught us about the local and seasonal ingredients from his farm and the area around it. I highly recommend a Local Living type of trip (stay with someone who lives in the city or country you are visiting!) as a great to way to learn about local culture and food in a short period of time.

charcuterie and wine in Italy

Here’s what I featured in my segment:

Pizza Libretto: 2 locations in Toronto and a third to open this Fall at University near King St. They make delicious Neapolitan pizza in a wood-fired oven so the pizza crust is chewy, crisp and perfectly blistered.

Sud Forno: this Italian bakery has a beautiful selection of pastries, sandwiches, gelato and breads. From the owners of Terroni, they bring in a lot of their ingredients from Italy. It’s common in Italy to have a small pastry or sweet for breakfast and this is the place to find authentic Italian dolce.

Carnivore Club: the meat-lovers club. Subscribe to have a box of carefully selected cured meats delivered to you each month. Great for a food-lover and also a unique gift.

Be Good Gelato: is a fairly new Toronto gelato company that uses only natural and fresh ingredients for their small-batch gelato and sorbetto. Fresh fruits and herbs are also used together; much like they are in Italy! You can find them at pop-ups, farmers markets or arrange to have your gelato picked-up or delivered.



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