Eating up on the Terrace

Eating up on the Terrace

You know when you keep saying to people that you should get together, and you really mean it but work happens, life happens, babies happen and no one makes a solid plan? Happens to me all the time.

Earlier this week I text two friends I hadn’t seen in many months and told them to join me on the Food Terrace on the top level of First Canadian Place for an early lunch. I was asked to check out the new space and figured it was worth making it a date with friends.


First of all, I LOVE Maman Toronto…with it’s shabby chic decor, French pastries and oh, they are licensed (!!) for after work cocktails (or mid-morning…I would never judge, in fact I would join you.)

James has a terrible seafood allergy which means I almost never invite James out to eat (sorry, James). Because of the risk of cross-contamination, there are many places where we can’t share a meal, but today James was able to stuff his face (and he did) at Jimmy the Greek and ate most of my cookie from Maman. If you crave a buttery, chocolate chip cookie stuffed with walnuts, almonds and macadamia nuts…you need to have this cookie.


Maman Toronto cookie

A lot of people think all the food around the Financial District is overpriced…this is true of many places but my great discovery of the day is the $7.25 giant salad from Pumpernickel’s. You can pack a big bowl full of as many salad options as you want, and it’s much cheaper than many of the health food/salad spots in the city. I’d say it’s the best value for a big, hearty and healthy lunch – and if you’ve ever been to a place that charges you by WEIGHT, you know that a small salad can often cost over $20 (blame the chickpeas, the beets, and anything that isn’t a feather-light leafy green).

For parents of wee ones: there were several toddlers and babies up on the Food Terrace so the baby I stole from my friend was definitely not out of place.

The space is large and bright with lots of sun, plenty of seating and large banquettes, plus more food vendors are coming soon. When the weather is lovely, there’s also a great outdoor patio overlooking King Street.

Part of the reason I was happy to check out the Food Terrace is because First Canadian Place is matching 10% of sales from the terrace between November 30th – December 6th and donating it to Community Food Centres Canada – an organization I often promote and am proud to support. So if you happen to be downtown and looking for some dining options that can accommodate different tastes, I’d encourage you to visit – especially next week.

What’s available right now: The Cactus Club, Maman Toronto, Amaya Express, Jimmy the Greek, Maxim, Ruby Thai, Tim Horton’s, Pumpernickel’s, Mucho Burrito, Mr. Sub and Szechuan Express.


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